why does my disposable vape keep clogging

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Disposable vapes are designed to be convenient and easy to use, but they can also be prone to clogging. There are several reasons why your disposable vape may be clogging, including:

1. Thick e-liquid: Some e-liquid formulations are thicker than others, which can make it harder for the device to vaporize the liquid. If you are using a high VG or max VG e-liquid, it may be more prone to clogging than thinner formulations.

2. Inhaling too hard: If you inhale too hard on your vape, you may be pulling too much liquid into the atomizer chamber, which can lead to clogging.

3. Puffing too frequently: If you use your disposable vape too frequently without allowing time for the device to cool down, it can also lead to clogging.

4. Dirty mouthpiece: Over time, the mouthpiece of your disposable vape can become clogged with debris or residue from the e-liquid, which can also lead to clogging.

To prevent clogging in your disposable vape, try the following tips:

1. Use a thinner e-liquid formulation: If you are experiencing frequent clogs, try using a thinner e-liquid formulation, such as a 50/50 blend, instead of a high VG or max VG e-liquid.

2. Inhale gently: Try inhaling gently on your vape, instead of taking long, deep pulls.

3. Take breaks between puffs: To prevent overheating and clogging, allow your device to cool down between puffs.

4. Clean the mouthpiece: Regularly clean the mouthpiece of your device with a soft cloth or q-tip to remove any debris or residue.

By following these tips, you can help prevent clogging in your disposable vape and enjoy a smoother, more consistent vaping experience.


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