Energy Management

Saving resources has always been an important concept of our Caleaftech. We value anything that saves energy, from waste paper to water conservation and recycling. There's a patrol every day after off work, making sure equipment turned off.

Environmental Initiatives

Protecting the environment is another important concept of Caleaftech. Every Monday, we preach the importance of protecting the environment, and our company always takes the least harmful way for production and working.

Application of Degradable Materials

We are committed to creating eco-friendly electronic atomization solutions and reducing negative environmental impacts through biodegradable materials and recycling solutions of our products. The quality of our products remains trustworthy while the waste and pollution decrease greatly.

Adolescence Protection

Caleaftech promise to strictly abide by national laws and regulations and not sell any vaping-related products to minors. At the same time, we will devote ourselves to the protection of youth and enhance the protection of product technology.


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