Full Ceramic Cartridge

Full Ceramic Cartridge


A Full Ceramic Cartridge is a type of cartridge used in vaping devices that is made entirely of ceramic material. This type of cartridge typically includes a ceramic heating element, as well as a ceramic mouthpiece and chamber.   Full ceramic cartridges are often favored by vapers because they offer a number of advantages over other types of cartridges. For one, ceramic is an inert material, meaning it does not react with the e-liquid being vaporized, which can lead to a purer and more flavorful vaping experience. Additionally, ceramic has high thermal conductivity, which allows for even and efficient heating of the e-liquid.   Overall, full ceramic cartridges are a popular choice among vapers who prioritize flavor and purity in their vaping experience.​

Vape Cartridge Series Advantages

Full Ceramic Cartridge

Quick and Easy to use/ Make vaping easier

disposable vape pens be used straight out of the box, no maintenance and cleaning, consumer knows precisely how much CBD oil they are inhaling

Full Ceramic Cartridge

Low cost

Disposable pens usually cheaper than refillable vapes. Better option of first time user

Full Ceramic Cartridge

Portable and Discreet

Disposable pens tends to discreet design,easy to carry

Full Ceramic Cartridge


Pre-filled pens, no worry about dosing anything out yourself


  • What does full ceramic cartridge mean? 

    A full ceramic cartridge generally refers to a type of vape cartridge used in vaping devices. This type of cartridge is made entirely from ceramic material and typically includes a ceramic mouthpiece as well. Ceramic cartridges are known for their ability to provide a clean taste, even heat distribution, and high vapor production. Additionally, they are typically resistant to leaking and clogs, making them a popular choice among vapers who value reliability and consistency.

  • Are ceramic vape cartridges good?

    Ceramic vape cartridges can be a good choice for many vapers due to their several advantages over other types of cartridges.

    First, ceramic is an inert material, which means that it does not react chemically with the oils or concentrates used in vape cartridges. This can help preserve the flavor and purity of the material being vaped.

    Secondly, ceramic has excellent heat resistance properties, allowing it to withstand high temperatures without breaking down or releasing harmful chemicals.

    Finally, ceramic is a porous material, which can help provide consistent vaporization and airflow, resulting in a smoother vaping experience.

  • Are ceramic vape coils better?

    One of the benefits of ceramic coils is that they can provide a more even heat distribution, which can help prevent "hot spots" and ensure that e-liquids are vaporized evenly. This can result in a smoother and more consistent flavor.

    Ceramic coils also tend to last longer than traditional metal coils. Because ceramic is a more resilient material than typical coil materials like Kanthal or stainless steel, it can withstand higher temperatures and wear and tear without breaking down as quickly.

    In addition, ceramic coils may produce less residue buildup than metal coils, giving vapers a cleaner vaping experience. This can be especially important for those who use e-liquids with sweeteners, which can cause gunk to accumulate on coils more quickly.



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