What Is Pod System Vape and Its Features?

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There are two types of vapes: Mods and Pods. A mod has a vape tank at the bottom which is used to hold the coil and e-liquid of the vape. Mods are good for those who smoke heavily, while pods are used for light smokers. Pods come with prefilled e-liquid and coil, which you cannot change. Now, as vapes are becoming advanced, pod vapes have also become refillable. A pod system vape is the best option if you are looking for something light and disposable.

Pod System Vape

5 Best Features of POD SYSTEM VAPE

Some people need help changing the coil now and then, so they prefer disposable vape. A pod system vape is disposable and is used by millions today. People prefer a pod system vape over a mod because of its multiple features at a low cost and better compatibility.


A pod system vape is much lighter and smaller than a mod and cartridge vape. If you are stealth vaping, it is the best option, as you can hide it in no time because of its small size. You can easily fit it in your pocket. People prefer portable vapes; the more portable, the better.


Compared to the mod system vape, the pod system is very light, mainly due to having a small battery instead of a huge tank in the mod system vape. With the vapes becoming more advanced, they are becoming lighter with every new model. Out of all the vapes, pod system vapes are light, which is why they are preferred over other vapes.

Less risky

Due to having a prefilled e-juice and coil pod system, vape is less risky and less harmful to health than other vapes. Other vape e-juice can be replaced, refilled, and corrupted with cheap toxic e-juice, but that is not the case with pod system vape. Now there are refillable pod vapes where you can replace the pod if the pod becomes faulty.

Less power consuming

Pods consume less power than MOD, leading to an extended battery. It can give a wattage of 10 watts which is reasonable for a pod. The battery of a pod system vape is weaker than MOD due to the small battery, but less power consumption covers it and extends the battery.


Pod system vapes come in two forms: refillable and disposable. You can use a disposable pod vape for less time, and then it loses its flavor. The liquid of the disposable pod vape cannot be changed and comes with a prefilled e-liquid.

With time the e-liquid in the disposable vape finishes, and the vape loses flavor and eventually stops working. While with a refillable pod system vape, you can refill the pod again and change e-liquid; this extends the life of the vape for some time, but eventually, the refillable pod system vape also stops working.

pod system vape

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Many people prefer pod system vape ahead of other vapes because they are much lighter and smaller. Pod vapes are trendy vapes nowadays with multiple flavors and options. If you are shifting from cigarettes, pod vape is the way to go. You can get different pod system vapes from our website as per your taste.


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