why did my disposable vape die so fast

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There are numerous reasons why a disposable vape may die quickly. Below are some of the reasons that may contribute to a disposable vape dying too quickly:

1. A Faulty Battery: If the battery is not functioning correctly, the disposable vape may die quicker than expected. In such a case, it is best to dispose of the vape and purchase a new one.

2. Overuse: If an individual is using the disposable vape continuously, the battery will run out faster than anticipated. It is best to use the vape in moderation to preserve battery life.

3. High Voltage Charging: In some cases, individuals may charge the disposable vape with a higher voltage charger, which may lead to the battery charging too quickly, reducing the battery life span.

4. Storage Conditions: An individual may not be storing the disposable vape correctly, leading to low battery life. Keeping the vape in an area with extreme temperatures or humidity will lead to a shortened battery life.

5. Low Quality Product: Some disposable vapes may contain low-quality components that may contribute to shortened battery life.

6. Manufacturer Defect: In some instances, a disposable vape may have a manufacturer's defect that leads to a shortened battery life.

In conclusion, disposable vapes may die faster than expected due to a range of reasons. Some of these reasons may require the vaper to adjust their vaping habits or purchase a new device. One should ensure that they purchase high-quality vapes from reputable manufacturers to avoid shortened battery life.


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