why is my disposable vape gurgling

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Disposable vapes, like all vaping devices, are prone to occasional issues such as gurgling. Gurgling is typically caused by excess or accumulated e-juice in the coil or airflow system. This issue can affect the flavour and throat hit of your vape, making it an annoyance for most users.

Here are a few reasons why your disposable vape may be gurgling:

1. Overfilling the Tank

Overfilling your disposable vape can cause e-juice to seep into the coil and airflow openings, leading to a gurgly vape. A good rule of thumb is to fill your vape tank to about three-quarters full.

2. Inhaling Too Hard

If you inhale too hard or frequently, you may draw excess e-juice into the coil and result in a gurgling sound.

3. Coil Flooding

Coil flooding can occur if you excessively prime the coil or use an e-juice with a lower density than recommended. The excess e-juice can flood the coil and airflow system, leading to gurgling.

4. A Dirty Airflow System

A dirty airflow system can restrict the airflow and cause e-juice to accumulate in the coil, leading to a gurgling sound.

5. A Damaged Coil or Tank

If your disposable vape has a damaged coil or tank, this can cause gurgling or other issues. Inspect your vape carefully for any damage to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

In conclusion, gurgling is a common issue experienced by disposable vape users, but it can be resolved through proper maintenance and care. We suggest checking your vape tank's fill level, inhaling technique, coil and airflow system cleanliness, and using a vape-friendly e-juice for optimal performance.


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