why does my vape cartridge keep clogging

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Vape cartridges have been gaining popularity recently, but sometimes users may experience issues with clogging. There are several reasons why a vape cartridge may clog:

1. Thick viscosity: The viscosity of the oil in the cartridge may be too thick, which can cause the cartridge to clog. This is more common with cartridges that contain high concentrations of CBD or THC.

2. High heat: Vapes that are heated at high temperatures can lead to the buildup of resin and residue, which can cause clogging of the cartridge.

3. Overuse: Overusing the cartridge can cause it to become clogged. This is because the oil may not be able to flow properly through the cartridge due to the buildup of resin and residue.

4. Airflow problems: Poor airflow can cause the oil to become trapped in the cartridge, leading to clogging.

5. Poor quality cartridges: Some cartridges are made with sub-standard materials that are prone to clogging.

To prevent clogging of vape cartridges, users should check that the viscosity of the oil is within a suitable range for the device, avoid high heat settings, avoid overusing the cartridges, and check the airflow regularly. If the issue persists, users may want to try a different cartridge or contact the manufacturer.


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