what does a vape pen cartridge look like

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A vape pen cartridge is a small, cylindrical container that holds the liquid or oil used in a vape pen. It typically has a mouthpiece on one end, where the vapor is drawn from, and a small hole on the other end which is threaded to screw onto the vape pen’s battery.

The cartridge itself can vary in size, depending on the brand and model of the vape pen, but most of them are less than three inches long and less than an inch in width. The size of the cartridge may affect how much liquid or oil it can hold.

The outer shell of the cartridge is usually made of plastic or glass, and it may be transparent or opaque. Some cartridges are clear to allow the user to see how much liquid or oil is left inside, while others have a colored or opaque shell for aesthetic purposes.

Inside the cartridge, there is a small chamber that holds the liquid or oil. The type of liquid or oil the cartridge can hold depends on the brand and model of the vape pen, as well as the user’s preferences. Some cartridges are designed for e-juices, while others can hold concentrates or oils.

The coil is another important component of the cartridge. It is responsible for heating up the liquid or oil and turning it into vapor that can be inhaled. The coil can be made of various materials, such as silica, ceramics or metals like titanium or stainless steel.

Most cartridges are disposable, meaning that when the liquid or oil is depleted, the user can simply remove the empty cartridge and replace it with a new one. Some cartridges, however, are refillable, allowing the user to add more liquid or oil when it runs out.

Overall, a vape pen cartridge is a sleek and compact device that is essential to vaping. It provides a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of vaping wherever you go.


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