how to hide vape cartridge in carry on

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Vaping has become a popular way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis while avoiding the harmful effects of smoking. Cartridge pens are now a common tool for many people who prefer vaping, but traveling with them can pose a challenge. If you're planning on flying with a vape cartridge, you need to know how to hide it in your carry-on bag.

1. Keep it in the Original Package

One of the best ways to hide a vape cartridge in your carry-on is to keep it in its original package. Most cartridge pens come with a small box that can be easily concealed in your bag. Additionally, keeping it in its original package can help reduce the risk of damaging the cartridge itself.

2. Use Disguised Containers

Another way to hide the cartridge pen is to use disguised containers. You can buy small containers that look like other common items, such as a marker or a pencil case. By using disguised containers, the cartridge pen will be less likely to attract unwanted attention from security. It is important to note that any container you use should be suitable for holding a vape cartridge to prevent damage or leaks.

3. Carry Extra Accessories

Another way to hide a vape cartridge is to carry extra accessories with you. For example, if you have a pen-style cartridge, you can also carry a regular pen with you. Most cartridge pens look similar to a regular pen, so carrying one with you can help to camouflage it in your bag. Additionally, you can carry other items like headphones, chargers, or a book to further conceal your vape pen.

4. Use Hidden Compartments

Some backpacks or bags have hidden pockets that can be used to store valuable items. If your bag has hidden compartments or pockets, you can use them to hide your vape cartridge. This can be an effective way to keep it hidden from others, especially if you're flying internationally and have to go through customs.

5. Pack it Deeply

The final way to hide your vape cartridge is to pack it deeply in your carry-on bag. By placing it near the bottom of your bag and covering it with other items, you can make it difficult for someone to find it. Additionally, packing it deeply can prevent it from being damaged during the security screening process.

In conclusion, hiding a vape cartridge in your carry-on bag while traveling requires some creativity and planning. Consider using the above tips to keep your vape cartridge concealed and staying safe while you're on the go. Remember to always follow the laws and regulations of your destination and the airline you're flying with.


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