how to fix burnt vape cartridge

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Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking that offers many benefits. However, it can become frustrating when your vape cartridge gets burnt. This article will help you understand the reasons why vape cartridges get burnt, and how you can fix them.

Why do vape cartridges get burnt?

There are various reasons why vape cartridges may get burnt. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. High Wattage: Using a high wattage on your vape device can cause the cartridge to get burnt. This is because the coil gets too hot, and it burns the oil in the cartridge.

2. Overuse: Using your vape cartridge in excess can cause it to get burnt. When you use it continuously, the coil gets too hot, and it burns the oil.

3. Low Oil Levels: When the oil levels in the cartridge are low, the wick is exposed to the air. This can cause it to get burnt.

4. Low-Quality Vape Cartridges: Low-quality vape cartridges may not be of the best quality and may get burnt easily.

How to fix burnt vape cartridges?

Here are some ways to fix burnt vape cartridges:

1. Lower the Wattage: You can lower the wattage on your vape device to prevent the coil from getting too hot and burning the oil. This will help you reduce the risk of getting a burnt taste.

2. Take Breaks: Avoid using your vape cartridge for prolonged periods without stopping. This will help you avoid overheating your coil and burning the oil.

3. Refill the Cartridge: If the oil levels in the cartridge are low, refill it. This will ensure that your wick is not exposed to the air, thus preventing it from getting burnt.

4. Use High-Quality Cartridges: Using high-quality cartridges can help you prevent getting a burnt taste. You can research the best cartridges in the market and make a purchase based on your preferences.

In conclusion, burnt vape cartridges can be a real headache for any vaper. However, understanding why it happens and how to fix it can make your vaping experience more enjoyable. Make sure to follow the tips above to avoid getting a burnt taste from your vape cartridge.


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