How to Choose Disposable Vapes?

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The disposable vape is becoming the next big thing in the vaping world. The benefits you can reap from the tiny machine is more than merely some fuss-free relaxation—it’s also about switching to a healthier lifestyle than smoking. For whatever reason you decide to vape, getting the best experience has much to do with an ideal device. While with tons of choices out there, anyone could find it hard to pick out the right disposable vape on the first try. So, use this guide to get started!

Look at e-liquid capacity

It goes without saying that the larger the disposable vape tank, the more puffs you can get out of it. Not all disposable vape products are made equal, and some have much larger tanks than others.

Generally, the pod capacity is between 2mL and 10mL. When you purchase a single-use vape with a larger tank, you can typically expect a larger overall product with a larger battery.

Disposable Vape

Cost per usage

Many vapers choose disposable vapes because they are more affordable. The individual devices are cheaper than a more comprehensive bit of kit, so disposable vapes can be more cost effective. It is less expensive to try out several temporary vapes than to commit to a more expensive device – particularly for casual or beginner vapers exploring different styles.

Take into consideration how many puffs you’ll get for each device you buy. Some of the best disposable vapes allow for as many as 550 puffs from just one bar, which works out at a very reasonable cost-per-use.

Don’t forget the battery

The type of battery contained within a single-use vape may not matter much to you when you realize it’s a single-use battery. After you’re finished with the vape, you’re going to dispose of it, anyway.

However, some disposable vape manufacturers are starting to realize that the battery life is sometimes too short for how much e-liquid is contained within the tank. As a result, they are providing smaller batteries that you can recharge to maximize the use of the vape before eventually throwing it away.

Rechargeable batteries in disposable vapes are not yet the norm, so you may only encounter this situation on the odd occasion.

 disposable vape

No leakage

Just because disposable vapes are slim in design doesn’t mean they should be any less robust. You shouldn’t experience any leaking from your vape, and the best disposable vapes will have rubber seals to prevent any e-liquid from escaping.

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