how to charge a dead disposable vape

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Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their convenience and ease of use. However, like any other electronic device, they can run out of battery, making it necessary to recharge them. This article explains how to charge a dead disposable vape.

Step 1: Check the Battery

The first thing you need to do is check if the disposable vape battery is completely dead or not. Most disposable vapes have an LED light that indicates the battery level. If the light does not turn on when you inhale, it means the battery is dead.

Step 2: Find the Charging Port

Once you have established that the battery is dead, you need to look for the charging port. Not all disposable vapes have a charging port, so make sure to check the packaging to see if the vape is rechargeable. If it is rechargeable, the charging port is usually located at the bottom of the device.

Step 3: Connect the USB Charger

Next, connect the USB charging cable to the vape's charging port. The other end of the cable should be inserted into a USB charging adapter or a computer's USB port. Make sure the cable is securely connected to both the device and the power supply.

Step 4: Charging Time

Once the charger is connected, the LED on the vape will light up, indicating that the battery is charging. The charging time can vary depending on the disposable vape model and the remaining battery capacity. It is recommended to leave the vape charging for at least one hour to fully recharge the battery.

Step 5: Disconnect the USB Charger

When the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn off, indicating that it is time to disconnect the charger. After you disconnect the USB cable, give the vape a test run to ensure that it's working correctly.


Charging a dead disposable vape is a simple process that only requires a USB cable and a power source. Charging time can vary between models, so make sure to read the package instructions to get a better idea of how long it would take. Regular charging of the disposable vape battery is necessary to increase its lifespan and ensure continuous usage.


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