how do you prime a vape cartridge

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Priming a vape cartridge is essential to ensure that the first hit after filling it will be smooth and satisfying. It also helps in prolonging the life of the coil and preventing dry hits. Here's how to prime a vape cartridge:

1. Fill the Cartridge: Fill the vape cartridge with your chosen e-juice. Make sure not to overfill it because the liquid needs room to expand as it heats up.

2. Let the Cartridge Sit: After filling the cartridge, screw it back onto the battery and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This allows the e-juice to soak into the wick and coil, priming it for use.

3. Take \"Dry Hits\": Before vaping, take a few \"dry hits.\" This means taking a few drags off the vape pen without pressing the fire button. It helps circulate the e-juice into the coil and wick, ensuring that it is fully saturated.

4. Start Vaping: After taking a few dry hits, press the fire button and start vaping. It's essential to take slow and steady puffs before taking longer and deeper hits.

Priming your vape cartridge is a simple yet essential process that ensures a positive vaping experience. By doing it correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy the full flavor of your e-juice, protect your coil from burning out, and ultimately extend the life of your vape kit.


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